counselling can help us to understand

Along our journey from birth to wherever we are right now, we encounter obstacles and difficulties. The traumas and abuses we suffer as children, the lack of consciousness with which we operate, the blind spots of our culture - all these serve to shut us down and twist our path off its basic course. Yet, the archetype of the Self contains the program to become whole. Much like a seed contains the programme to become a flower. 

Each time we work through a piece of our past, we return to the original pattern and pick up our evolutionary process from where it was interrupted. We break down barriers that keep us from experiencing love, barriers that obscure the truth. We break through the illusions that keep us from seeing clearly, from deep understanding. Each piece allows us to live a fuller and richer life - bringing us deeper meaning, about ourselves and the world in which we are embedded!

counselling can help with anxiety

Anxiety is normal and actually quite useful. Its role is to protect us from real or perceived harm. Unfortunately anxiety has a nasty habit of developing, growing legs and running away with itself. Treatments for anxiety rest on the principle of understanding why this happens and what can be done about it. However, we're also meant to be anxious, it's part of the human condition. There's really no such thing as getting rid of anxiety, but we can strive to contain unwanted levels, put it into perspective and try not to allow it to dominate our lives.

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